Exclusiv Edit for the Young&Restless Party by Dave Turov


Born in Uzbekistan and raised in 1980’s Brooklyn NY immigrant style, East — West transitions and ghetto blasters were a way of life. An early connection to music came from the new wave / synth pop, flare-up, on one side and the electro backed sounds that fired sidewalk break dancing, T-top IROC drive by’s and 86th St mix tapes on the other.

Formal music began for Dave Turov at the age of nine with saxophone and dabs in piano and brass, before settling into drums and percussion. For the next ten years, drums provided a way to fill that fundamental need for expressing one’s self in groove. While in college Turov’s talents were expressed in rock and funk bands to a degree of success gaining national airplay, an MTV video and tours of the northeast.
Turov’s original productions and collaborations with John Selway spanned a number of genres such as house, techno and even a bit of jazz.